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We worked with UsabilityLab on several projects including user research, prototyping and usability testing.


Tatiana Sidorenkova stood out as one of the most efficient specialists in the team. She could always suggest a range of solutions, detailing the strengths and weaknesses of each.


Due to her deep understanding of our business goals, and with her relevant experience, she always had a systems-based approach to successfully solve all problems and difficulties.

We have been working together for 1,5 year as a research/design team on several projects. I can describe Tatiana as a hard-working and patient specialist with good communication skills.  She has a in-depth approach to a problem and is not scared to tackle a problem.


Tatiana participated as a specialist in such projects as:


Andrew Sickorsky

Colleague from UsabilityLab

May, 2011

Andrew Ponomarev

During USI, I have had the pleasure to work with Tatiana on several projects. Her contribution to the project were her extensive knowledge about usability design and usability research. She is focused on the users and will be their advocate. Also, Tatiana is the kind of person that keeps the team on track should the team sidetrack from the project goal.


I have enjoyed working with her and know she will be a valuable addition to any team.

Ivor Grisel

Tanya is the perfect social-sciences team member for your UX/HCI group. She brings a broad set of skills to the table and is an avid advocate for the user's perspectives. During idea generation she is super creative, and when the time is ready to start analysing possible solutions, Tanya is definitely the person you want to have on your team. Moreover, her knowledge is invaluable when having to set up complex (usability) study designs and interpreting data.


She just seems to always think one step further than others. Tanya is highly focused on the work to be done and you will be glad to have her on your team when things get very stressful.


Working with Tanya is always a pleasure: she brings out the best in people (with a big smile!), stays calm, and even in projects with difficult team dynamics, she will bring balance and motivation to the group.

Liang Hiah

Field research of corporate bookkeepers behaviour (cross-regional) for corporate e-banking system (personas, scenarios).

The relative evaluation of an insurance provider’s online presence using check-lists.

Usability testing of a mobile internet messenger. Creative approach in concurrent design evaluation using scales.

Card sorting for identification of a structure for an Interactive Voice Response System. As a result - excellent IA for very complicated system (efficiency was nearly doubled).

Usability testing of the various aspects of the mobile operator’s websites (including high-level prototypes of suggested enhancements - first trial on UI and IA design).

The development of an application that allows the submission of tax reports to the State Tax Inspectorate (a full Human Centred Design project). Great HCD project. Tatiana conducted several field studies, developed the personas and the scenarios based on behaviour and attitudes of the users. Moreover it was the first project where Tatiana tests herself as a UI Designer. And she was successful. She flattened complicated processes close to people behaviour.

She was a project manager in the project studying the consumer behaviour of a mobile operator’s users. Each project was completed on time and had good feedback from our clients.

Client from Usabilitylab

September, 2012

Colleague from USI

September, 2012

Colleague from USI

October, 2012

Hi! I'm Tatiana,

a UX Researcher & Designer.

Welcome to my web site!

I cannot say that since I was young I have dreamed of being a usability-specialist, UX designer or similar, facilitating interaction between people and systems. When I was young I did not even know that these roles existed. But I have always wanted to discover myself in my profession and to be one of the best within it. I think that, in the user experience field, I have certainly found myself.


I like my profession because of the opportunities and benefits it provides which have become increasingly important to me:

an ability to see results of my work - the most pleasing demonstration of this is seeing the reaction of satisfied users and clients;

an opportunity to develop my professional skills - I gain increased knowledge and skills with each new project I undertake;

an increasing familiarity with new topics in each new project - I like to learn something new, to broaden my horizons;



an opportunity to develop scientific knowledge - there are significant perspectives for development in this field as there are in science.























Tatiana Sidorenkova



Contact me

Nowadays I can identify myself as a UX Researcher & Designer. I am an expert in research and evaluation methods and at the same time I have experience of the entire UX lifecycle. I am really passionate about gathering new knowledge about people, their mental models and needs. I like to combine methods in order to get more precise results. Meanwhile, I extremely enjoy conceptualizing, prototyping and craft in general. I cannot live without analyzing things and thinking how they could be improved.

Who am I...

I am one of those lucky people who enjoy their work and can say that their work is their life style. That’s why even in my free time my friends and I visit and organise UX events. I also like cooking for friends, traveling and crafts.


Recently I have taken a great interest in mass online courses. I am excited about the amazing opportunity to broaden horizons that they provide.

How I spend my free time

For me good design is not a matter of an exhibition, it is simple and elegant solutions for everyday problems. Sometimes not even noticeable in the busyness of life, good design always improves and enriches our life. I do believe that good design is the result of teamwork of different professionals who are able to look at the product from different perspectives.

My point of view on design

Envisioning my future in the UX field, I am looking forward to employing my skills in challenging projects within a dynamic, innovative, flat structured, and socially responsible company.

What I am looking for

I have an in-depth understanding of Human-Centered Design Methodology and experience of the entire UX lifecycle.

What exactly I do

I gather and analyse business goals and user needs.

Interviews, observations, surveys, card sorting, UX laddering, brain storming, focus groups, task analysis, and diary studies.

I prototype and wireframe.

Paper techniques, Power Point, Visio, Balsamiq, Axure, Arduino.

I prepare, conduct and analyse usability evaluations.

Usability testing, heuristics evaluation, expert evaluation, remote testing.

I communicate with a design team.

Personas, user scenarios, use cases, storyboards, customer journey, site maps, wireframes, specifications.


Studying by playing

Research on the impact of contextualization on learning in serious gaming

Trust in e-Commerce

Research into factors of trust and distrust in e-Commerce applying Kupreychenko’s trust and distrust concept

Bubble Machine

A prototype of a sideshow attraction

Mobile Istant Messenger

A qualitative laboratory usability testing of a Mobile Instant Messenger

Direct Insurance Website

An expert evaluation of a process of cost calculation and insurance policy purchase at a direct insurance website

Robby the Robot

A conceptual design of an in-vehicle solution for 3-7 years old children as passengers involving an interactive, full-speech companion that entertains and educates

KissAss Game

A protopype of a puzzle game that uses “kissing ass” or fake flattery in an office environment as its premise

Social Sport

A concept of an interactive poster focusing on the social benefits of “learning” and “connecting” people through sporting activities


An idea of an application that enables children to learn about the structure and content of things around them

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Some of the presentations I have given previously can be found on SlideShare.

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Similarly I place some products and projects which inspire me on Pinterest.

Curriculum Vitae (3 pages)

Resume (1 page)

If you are interested in reading about my professional and academic experience please download my CV. For  a  summary of my professional experience see my Resume.